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Player's Testimony

Oscar Serna

When in May we visited Merida, Yucatan for one of the Tour events I had the chance to visit some of the great tourist attractions of the region. In downtown Merida, I loved to walk through the main square, where you can find the Cathedral, the City Hall and the Casa de Montejo, where the founder Francisco de Montejo y León lived. Another must is the Monumento a la Patria, a work with countless details that reminds both the Maya and the heroes of our Independence.

Thirty minutes from downtown you can find the beaches of Progreso, which invites you to relax and enjoy the beautiful Mexican Caribbean. Progreso is also the port of entry of thousands of tourists visiting the country on a cruise and use this stop to see the fantastic legacy left us by the Mayas, not only to the Mexicans but to all Mankind. Just ninety minutes from the center of Merida you can findthe Chichen Itza Pyramids and Uxmal, one of the Great Wonders of the World. It is really a place that everyone should have the opportunity to discover.

Armando Favela

Mexico is a country that has plenty of attractions to offer to its visitors but it will depend a lot on which is the destination. You have many things to enjoy from idyllic beaches like Playa del Carmen, to cities with historic centers such as Queretaro, Puebla, Guanajuato, and Guadalajara. Each place definitely has something that makes it special.

Our food also sets us apart and it shows in the fact that it is world famous. If you ask me what to try  I would say that the Antojitos Mexicans are the best: the sopes, enchiladas and tostadas among others. In my city, Tijuana, there is a place called Puerto Nuevo where you can have an excelent lobster asthe main course  served with beans, rice and flour tortillas. You can't go wrong with Mexican food and if you dare to try some spicy it tastes even better.

Max Scodro, USA

We opened the season in Mexico City and it proved to be one of the most interesting cities I have visited… and it made the experience even better. I had never been, and the city was so rich with culture, beauty, and great food. 

During this trip I explored the historic district, Polanco, and the Basilica of Guadalupe, which was spectacular. But for me, the food on this trip was over the top. On my first night there, I travelled by myself to the restaurant Azul Condesa, a Ricardo Munoz Zurita restaurant. Chef Zurita is considered one of the godfathers of Mexican cuisine as he is not only a chef, but a noted historian of his ancestral cuisine as well.

Traveling alone in a city I had never visited was a little scary at first but as soon as I arrived to the restaurant I knew it was well worth the hike.  He prides himself on embracing the oldest, most cherished Mexican techniques and recipes, while at the same time adapting to new technology and trends to keep the food modern. He did not disappoint, and it was my favorite meal of the week. Mexico City has really started to garner international recognition for its cuisine and Azul Condesa is a great example of that. From street food to haute cuisine, the city had it all and it really made for a memorable trip. 

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