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Los Cinco: The race is open for the last week

The future of many players will be decided at the 109° VISA Open de Argentina, presented by Peugeot.

Julian Etulain keeps No.1 despite not making the cut at Lujan (E.Berardi/PGA TOUR)

Buenos Aires (December 1, 2014) - The Personal Classic presented no movement in the Order of Merit and left the competition wide open for the final week of the 2014 season, to be played at Martindale Country Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fabian Gomez's victory allowed "Los Cinco" to not worry about any other member that could have potentially shortened the gap.

The player who got more out of this week was the Argentine, Nelson Ledesma, who finished solo third and climbed to seventh in the Order of Merit at only $3,142 of the ever important fifth place.

With 16 events played, the fight for the Tour cards is still wide open and all those in the top 21 could enter "Los Cinco" with a victory in the 109th VISA Open de Argentina, presented by Peugeot.

Another open scenario for the final week is who will qualify for the Tour Final Stage. Those who finish Sunday in the top 10 of the Order of Merit, qualify to play at PGA National, West Palm Beach, from Dec. 10-15.

Those who are in the top 35 of the Order of Merit still have their hopes alive.

Finally this last week the 60 players that will save their card for 2015 is also in play.

These are Los Cinco, then the Personal Classic 2014:

1) Julian Etulain (Argentina): $92,394
The two-time champion of the season secured his place among "Los Cinco" but still looks to stay atop so he can have full status for the 2015 Tour season. His two closest competitors in the standings, Marcelo Rozo and Tyler McCumber, could take the No. 1 if they finish within the top three.

2) Marcelo Rozo (Colombia): $82,917
Rozo has also secured his place in the Tour. This week while trying to defend his title in Argentina, will look to regain No. 1 in the Order of Merit. He knows that if he wins he does not have to look at what others do.

3) Tyler McCumber (USA) $79,964
McCumber's picture is quite similar to the Colombian. He already has his place on the Tour and needs to win or finish second in Martindale CC to take the No. 1 spot of Los Cinco. He did not finish well this week but was the only one in the top three to make the cut at Las Praderas.

4) Jorge Fernandez Valdes (Argentina) $64,073
The champion in Chile finished in 13th place at Personal Classic. He has the game to win in his country, but if not, he has a good opportunity to stay within Los Cinco and achieve this goal for the second consecutive year.

5) Rick Cochran III (US) $55,912
Cochran III finished T21 with Armando Favela, who is in sixth in the Order of Merit. He had his best finish in the last six events and it will help to regain confidence to claim the final spot. There are four players separated by $3,393  (Cochran, Favela, Ledesma and Hopfinger).

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